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Parishioners from St. Thomas the Apostle in Naperville, IL on an optical mission trip to Haiti. Prescription lenses are fitted into glasses donated, enabling better vision.

Mission Trips for Vision and Eye Care

Long term goals include optical services provided by the Haitian professionals through the Clinic. Meanwhile, St. Thomas Eye Care Teams, invited by the Haitian Clinic Board and sometimes joined by Haitian optical professionals, prescribe hundreds of prescription lenses and fit glasses donated by the Lions Club, enabling many of our Haitian brothers and sisters to continue practicing their work and daily living activities. The small fees charged for the team’s services supplement the Clinic budget. In 2012, cataract surgery was added with sometimes expensive follow-up in Les Cayes.

Donate to Eye Care Missions

Currently donations will be used in the following areas: cataract surgery, follow up appointments in Les Cayes, eye care supplies, and medications for the next mission trip.

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