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St. Thomas the Apostle in Naperville, IL worked with local groups in Duchity, Haiti to build and begin providing medical care. Twinning donors provide salaries for local healthcare professionals and workers and supplement the budget for medications in the pharmacy.

Long term goals are for all healthcare services to be self-supporting. Short term goals include completion of funding for an ambulance and a lab with a trained lab technician to do basic medical tests. The Haitian Clinic Board already manages the daily affairs of the Clinic and the full time Haitian physician. Income from local and medical team fees is supplemented through the generosity of St. Thomas Haiti Twinning donors to provide the salaries of the local healthcare professionals and workers, and supplements the budget for medications in the Clinic Pharmacy.

St. Thomas Medical Teams are invited by the Clinic Board to provide specialized medical care and healthcare education.

Donate to the Medical Clinic

Currently donations will be used in the following areas: ambulance purchase, lab equipment, medications for March/April medical teams, and supplementing clinic operational costs.

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